Life is too short to read a bad book.
Sunday, June 22, 2008,11:30 AM
Much Better

Can't talk now. I'm reading.


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  • At 1:16 PM, Blogger nath

    You think so? I thought this one wasn't bad, but I mean, it didn't wow me either.

  • At 2:33 PM, Blogger Dev

    Nath ~ so far! I'm about 200 pages into it. I like it very much, but then again I was struggling through Faking It.

  • At 5:50 PM, Blogger nath

    LOL, but we usually have same reading taste! I guess it's because I don't enjoy historicals as much as you :P

    Have to admit though, this one was better than the next in the series.

  • At 6:01 PM, Blogger Dev

    Nath ~ Don't say that. I started this one so I could read the next one (I have this thing about reading out of order).