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Saturday, November 24, 2007,2:06 PM
Rainy Day Kisses by Debbie Macomber
Just Finished:

Why I Read It: Because it was marketed as a Debbie Macomber Christmas story ~ I’m usually a sucker for them. Christmas Wishes includes two of Macomber's previously released stories: Christmas Letters and Rainy Day Kisses. I read Christmas Letters last year. You can see my post on it here.

Synopsis: Seventeen years ago Susannah Simmons was a career girl who knew nothing about babies. But after babysitting her infant niece, Michelle, Susannah learned that one determined— and screaming—baby can make the corporate world look like…child's play. Thank goodness for her charming neighbor Nate Townsend. Now he's her charming husband, and Susannah's a mother as well as an aunt. And every Christmas Eve, Michelle tells her cousins how their mom met their dad— a story in which she plays a starring role!

My Thoughts: Well, when I started reading this, I felt like it was dated. I had thought this was a new story, but that it takes place 17 years ago, so I was pretty forgiving for a short amount of time….until I realized that this is a reprint and is not a new book at all.

Also, it was marketed as a Christmas book ~ and it’s not. I was very disappointed. The whole Christmas Eve thing was just thrown in there and it didn't even belong! The romance didn't even happen at Christmas time.

What I Liked: I really liked the character of Nate Townsend. He’s mischievous and always seemed to have something up his sleeve. He was a great contrast to the character of Susannah Simmons ~ who was completely uptight and needed someone like Nate to compliment her character.

What I Didn’t Like: Well, I didn’t really like Susannah. She was uptight, buttoned-up, and had no sense of humor.

I also found myself rolling my eyes a lot and saying, “Oh, please!” Too much, actually. There was just something off on this one.

Verdict: This was Okay (but only because it gave me a few laugh-out-loud moments). I used to love, love, love everything that Debbie Macomber wrote. Now, her stuff is hit or miss with me. This one was a miss. But, because it was included with a story of hers that I liked (Christmas Letters) I’m keeping it anyway.

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  • At 9:58 AM, Blogger Kristie (J)

    I could never get into Debbie McComber. I've tried a couple of her books but they're just a bit too - I don't know - sweet, I think for me

  • At 10:41 AM, Blogger Dev

    Kristie ~ Yeah, her books are sweet. But I used to always like them. I still get excited when I see a new book of hers, so I'll probably still pick them up. At least for awhile.

  • At 6:20 AM, Blogger nath

    You know what I think is the problem with DM, Dev? It's that it's dated... I mean, yes, this was a reprint... but even her newer stuff has an "80-90's" feel... which is not bad sometimes, when the storyline works... but other time, it becomes miss. Also, too much of her stuff is being re-printed... it's hard to keep track!

  • At 8:00 AM, Blogger Dev

    Nath ~ You're probably right. I'd never thought about it before. That's probably why she's so hit and miss with me anymore.