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Saturday, October 25, 2008,9:17 AM
Never Naughty Enough by Jill Monroe
Just Finished:

Synopsis: She's the perfect executive assistant — or at least she was until she agreed to be put under hypnosis at a party. Overnight, the very proper Annabelle Scott turned into a terrible tease. Now she doesn't "do" typing or filing and spends most of her time wondering which of the naughty items in her wardrobe might do a good "job" — on her boss.

Wagner Achrom is a sexy workaholic who barely knows that she exists. But she plans to change all that when she lets down her hair and clues him in to the fact that, in future, the new "Belle" plans on leaving her most intimate things where they belong — off! After all, she's learned firsthand that you can never be naughty enough….

My Thoughts: I enjoyed Belle and Wag’s story very much. Seeing Isabelle transform into Belle and watching Wag’s reaction to her was a treat. Pre-hypnosis Isabelle was self-conscious, unsure of herself, and made a lot of fumbled attempts to get Wagner to notice her. Post-hypnosis Belle was daring and just naughty enough to catch Wag’s attention.

Once she caught his attention, it was a fun ride. Of course, as the story progressed, they both had pasts that they needed to come to terms with. Eventually the just got around to enjoying being together, and it was great to see them both let the guards down and just let it happen.

Verdict: This was Good. I’ve wanted to try a Jill Monroe book for awhile now, ever since I became addicted to Author Talk. This was a great introduction, and I look forward to reading more of her work in the future.

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